AMEC launches new Integrated Evaluation Framework

By: Rebecca Hadler / 04.08.2016

Screenshot of the interactive framework

A new public relations (PR) measurement Framework has been launched by the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) at its International Summit on Measurement in London in June 2016 matching this year’s slogan “Making Metrics Matter – Taking Measurement Mainstream”.

At its heart it is an interactive digital tool to guide the user through seven steps of evaluating the organization’s communication efforts in an integrated manner across all channels (paid, earned, shared, and owned). The new Integrated Evaluation Framework replaces both the AMEC’s previous Valid Metrics as well as its Social Media Measurement Frameworks and, thus, shows how to implement the Barcelona Principles 2.0. It is said that the new Framework works for organizations of all sizes and can be tailored to specific user cases and objectives.

Framework development

A working group consisting of members from agencies, communication departments, market research, and academics came up with the new interactive Integrated Framework. The group was led by Richard Bagnall, CEO of Prime Research UK and one of the AMEC Board Directors.  According to the press release the approach was based on program evaluation concepts, principles, and terminology that are widely used across many industries as well as on social science insights into human communication. Then, these were adapted to PR and the corporate communication practice. Further, it is mentioned that a key part of the development work was the contribution of Jim Macnamara, Professor of Public Communication at the University of Technology, Sydney, and the feedback of the AMEC Academic Group he is also chair of. The press release states that as a result the Framework incorporates business process measurement techniques and, thus, ensuring communications can now be measured using the language of business.

Digital tool

The interactive tool was set up using a tile format and entails the steps of objectives, inputs, activity, outputs, out-takes, outcomes and impact. It is available for free download. Each tile of the interactive tool contains an information symbol. By clicking on the icon, the user can access an explanation and additional information on potential approaches and metrics. The new tool guides the user through the process from aligning objectives to establishing a communicational agenda, setting targets and then measuring the outputs and business impact. The work achievement is filled in for each tile of the process. Therefore, the necessary data to enter into the tool has to be compiled and prepared by the user.

Additional resources

The digital tool is part of the especially set up resource center for the Integrated Evaluation Framework at the AMEC website. It provides additional resources to bring measurement to life. For example, the center includes a taxonomy of evaluation towards standards which lists and explains each of the seven steps of the process by naming key aspects, example metrics and milestones as well as methods of evaluation. Expert statements that are dealing with “Why measurement matters” or “Top tips for planning and setting targets” are another additional resource. On top, the “Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement & Research”, guidelines for setting measureable PR objects as well as case studies are available for free download and lists containing further in-depth articles are provided online.

Here, you can have a look at the resource center for AMEC’s new Integrated Evaluation Framework and download the Framework for free.

Industry statements

What does the PR industry thinks of the AMEC’s new Integrated Evaluation Framework? Katie Paine’s article gets to the heart of what is stated in the many articles of relevant industry blogs: “But in the end, it will be just as challenging to fill out as the earlier version because all the problems inherent to the old framework still exist, despite the new sexy front end […] I love this framework, not because it is perfect, or even particularly easy to use, but because it poses the kind of questions that I’ve been answering for thirty years. And I know all too well how hard many of them are to answer.” Another article, including an informative collection of responses to the framework, at the Measurement Standard website runs in the same direction: “The new Framework helps you get your measurement program organized and off on the right foot by asking the vital questions that connect an organization’s communications to its objectives. The new Framework does not do the hardest work for you, which is researching and answering those vital questions.”

About AMEC

AMEC, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication, is a worldwide trade body for agencies and practitioners who provide media evaluation and communication research. You can find further information on

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