Big Data Revolution in PR: White Paper released

By: Rebecca Hadler / 14.07.2016

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The Institute for Public Relations (IPR) Measurement Commission has released the free white paper “Irreversible: The Public Relations Big Data Revolution”. The paper informs about how the concept of Big Data is transforming the world of business and the public relations profession, particularly the field of communication measurement and evaluation. It defines the term, outlines the sources of Big Data for the field, discusses the challenges of using Big Data, and offers a first idea on how organizations can implement Big Data analysis.

The paper argues that the importance of Big Data is not the vast quantity of information made available, but instead, it is the value that can be created to improve performance and better understand competitors, consumers, employees, media and other stakeholders. According to the authors, the purpose of utilizing Big Data is to help the organization achieve its objectives, and create better, more efficient strategies and tactics. Public relations should continue to evolve alongside Big Data to demonstrate the positive effect it has for the business success over all.

Big Data does not only allow practitioners to better analyze operation environments (internally and externally), but also provide expanding opportunities to move past traditional communications approaches. Utilizing the information in a right way can result in creating better objectives and more strategic positioning and audience targeting. Furthermore, the huge amount of available data helps to uncover more opportunities to quantify and enhance the contribution of public relations to business success.

Nevertheless, one has to keep in mind that data alone does not explain inferred insights and that critical thinking is required to create meaning. Big Data is limited to the degree that analysis depends on the right tools and profound expertise to draw meaningful conclusions.

See and download the free white paper “Irreversible: The Public Relations Big Data Revolution” here.

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