Platforms for discussion of the latest in communications controlling include the regular meetings of the industry working and project groups, information portals, blogs and newsletter/ info services on the internet.

Task forces

The "Value Creation through Communication" working group of the German Public Relations Association (Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft, DPRG) was set up in November 2002 as a platform for sharing best practices in the industry. The task force is the editor of a number of white papers.

Expert Panel Communication Controlling of the International Controller Verein (ICV). Elaborates an integrative approach to communications controlling on the basis of existing proposals. The terminology and methods of communicators and controllers are integrated to give practical recommendations for controlling.

The "Value Creation through Communication" of the Public Relations Association Austria (PRVA) was founded on 27 March 2008. The purpose is to develop a controlling system for corporate communications to become an Austrian standard.

Information portals - a german portal about controlling with its own forum.

Institute for PR - large collection of individual papers on PR evaluation and value addition (USA). - "social hub" for PR measurement, hosted by the Institute for PR’s "Commission for Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation" (USA) (new).

International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) - global trade association involved in research, measurement and evaluation in editorial media coverage and related communications issues.

Newsletter and blogs

DummySpit. Prof. Tom Watson (Bournemouth University) blogs about measurement and evaluation, reputation management as well other topics from public relations practice and research.

Evaluating the media. Blog of the British practicioner Michael Blowers about the evaluation of new and traditional media for public relations and marketing.

IABC Evaluation-Blog. Weblog of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) on the issue of PR evaluation with regular contributions from consultants, PR practitioners and scientists.

ICV-Blog and Newsletter with entries from the Communication Controlling working group.

Intelligent Measurement. Blog authored by practitioners Richard Gaunt (London) and Glenn O’Neil (Geneva). Main focus: evaluation and measurement of communication.

Kommunikations-Controlling. Regular updated weblog with a broad spectrum of subjects of Rainer Pollmann, deputy head of the Communication Controlling working group of the International Controller Society and executive partner of Pollman & Rühm Training. 

LeverWealth. Consultant David Phillips' website. Presentation of his models with links and suggestions for further reading.

Measurement Matters. Frequently updated weblog of the London based evaluation and media analysis agency Metrica with a focus on media analysis and evaluation as well as PR and marketing measurement in general.

Measurement Standard Newsletter. Regular, readworthy PR evaluation info from service provider KDPaine & Partners (USA).

Measuring Communications. PR practitioner Matt Greenberger's blog on the topic of evaluating internal communication.

Measuring Up. Blog of Ed Moed (Managing partner of the communication consultancy Peppercom, USA).

MetricsMan. Blog authored by Don Bartholomew. (Senior vice president at MWW Group).

PRincipal of PRooph. Under the slogan "Demonstrating the value of PR", the Canadian practitioner Alan Chumley blogs to measurement issues.

PR Measurement in Germany. Dr. Nanette Besson (evaluamus GmbH) blogs about “news and accepted truths“ from the world of pr-measurement in Germany.

Reputation, Research, Relationships and Messages. Blog of the consultant Forrest W. Anderson (USA) with a focus on reputation management.

TheNewPR. A wiki for PR evaluation – English-speaking forum with periodical contributions from various authors.

The Thoughtful Thud. Berry Leggetter's (Executive Director of the AMEC) blog on interesting topics in new media.

WebMetricsGuru. Blog of the practitioner Marshall Sponder (USA) about social media monitoring and reputation management in the Web 2.0.

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