Process evaluation

1. Definition
Process evaluations or process analysis basically verify correct and timely conduct of (several) measures or projects. These are formative evaluations. In PR programs, quality and conformity with schedule in the conduct of measures, and the project resources of time, personnel, costs, and social processes involving the project team are generally documented, monitored and evaluated throughout the duration of the project.

A process evaluation is oriented on project development and project progress and attempts to initiate learning processes on the basis of targeted feedback.

2. Applications
The purpose of a process evaluation is to identify weaknesses, glitches and use of resources in the course of a process. This identifies specific areas where improvements can be made. It hence serves the purpose of direct, target-oriented project control.

Process evaluation answers questions like:

  • How much time, money, and human resources are we using currently for particular measures?
  • Have we achieved our goals in the defined phases?
  • Which targets and which measures can be realized/not realized with existing resources?
  • Which measures have been realized, and how?

The time required to document processes and their results mostly calls for a separate area of competence or additional project member.

3. Implementation
Process evaluations require standardized surveys (usually by project members during routine business hours) and sufficient human resources for comprehensive documentation and evaluation of data.

Planning of deadlines, activities and resources, and progress of same, can be documented using checklists, bar charts, and all the usual network analysis. It probably makes sense to compare NOMINAL and ACTUAL times and costs.

The duration and cost of process evaluation depends on the timeline of the PR concept and its implementation, as the entire process is supported. The results feed into the overall project evaluation (including monitoring of effect etc.).

For effective utilization of process evaluation, it is necessary for all PR team members to document their activities and associated costs daily. If process evaluation is treated as a parallel project alongside the actual communication program, resentment may arise if there is an unreasonably high additional workload. It probably makes sense to design and treat process evaluation as part of the project.

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